Atom Feeder

Posted by Ray Miller on Sun 14 July 2013
Atom Feeder

In my last article, I mentioned that I was working on a little application to automatically send a tweet when I publish a new blog post. This is now complete and, if all goes to plan, a tweet will shortly appear in my Twitter stream advertising this item.

The application is invoked periodically from cron and uses enlive to download and parse the atom feed. A transaction log keeps track of which items have been tweeted, and a tweet is sent whenever a new item shows up in the feed.

It's possible to configure multiple Atom sources to tweet about, and the application is designed to handle sinks other than Twitter (although that's the only one I've implemented so far). There's some scope for future enhancements and perhaps more flexible configuration, but it does what I need for now.

Source code is available from Github.


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